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The following are some known issues and workarounds.
  • The spell checker tool window relies on the Spell check as you type configuration option being enabled. If disabled, spell checking will be unavailable until it is turned back on. Any open editors will need to be closed and reopened for the new setting to take effect.
  • If a misspelled word is within a collapsed section, when the section is expanded the word will be flagged with a squiggly line but no smart tag will appear for it when you move the mouse or keyboard cursor over it. This is caused by a bug in Visual Studio. The only workarounds are to leave the section expanded, close the file, and then reopen it or to invoke the spell checker tool window which will let you take action on the word.
  • When using the spell checker tool window, if the misspelling is within a collapsed section, the word will not be visible in the editor. To make it visible, click on the editor window's tab to select it and then expand the collapsed section containing the cursor. When you click on the spell checker tool window, it will reposition to the word and highlight it as usual. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to expand code sections from the package so this is the only workaround.
  • The spell checking code attempts to ignore escape sequences within text so that it does not flag text as misspelled when preceded by an escape sequence such as "\r", "\n", or "\t". This can occasionally result in a false report in certain situations such as words in a file path that start with what looks like an escape sequence character (i.e. C:\transform\file.txt). In such cases, just select the option to ignore the misspelled instance once or always. If a certain escaped word is a common enough occurrence, you can add it as an ignored word in the configuration options. For C# source code, you can also enable the option to ignore verbatim strings which typically contain such occurrences.
  • Due to the way Visual Studio breaks up spans of text for interactive spell checking, it will only be able to detect doubled words if they appear on the same line. Doubled words that span line breaks cannot be detected.

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