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This topic describes the various changes made to the Visual Studio Spell Checker over the life of the project.

Version 2014.9.7.0

Changes in this release:
  • Added support for spell checking in the Visual Studio Peek Definition window.
  • Removed handling of the space character in C-style format string specifiers.
  • Added support for installing the spell checker package in Visual Studio 14.

Version 2014.6.14.0

Changes in this release:
  • Fixed the tool window so that it does not throw a "key not found" exception when the "Spell check as you type" option is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug in the C# tagger related to multi-line comments and strings which should prevent it from leaving spelling tags in code when uncommented or not spell checking added lines under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the handling of user dictionary words so that they will show up as suggestions for misspelled words rather than being treated solely as words to ignore.
  • Added a new configuration category for Ignored Words. These are words such as Doxygen tags that start with what looks like an escape sequence or general words such as programming terms or keywords. For escaped words, it will ignore the escape sequence and the word rather than just the escape sequence preventing the remainder of the word from showing up as a misspelling. Ignored words will not show up as spelling errors nor will they appear as suggestions for other misspelled words unless they are in the selected language's dictionary.
  • Added word breaking code to ignore .NET and C-style format string specifiers if so indicated by the associated configuration option. Note that it is enabled by default on new installations to ignore them but if you have modified the configuration you will need to enable it manually in updated installations.
  • Added support for doubled word detection and removal. However, due to the way Visual Studio breaks up spans of text for interactive spell checking, it will only be able to detect doubled words if they appear on the same line. Doubled words that span line breaks cannot be detected.
  • Added support for disabling spell checking for files by filename extension. Added a new configuration option to the configuration dialog to allow setting the list of excluded extensions.
  • Added a new configuration option to ignore words containing certain character classes (non-Latin or non-ASCII). This provides a simplistic way of ignoring some words in mixed language files. It works best for spell checking English text in files that also contain Cyrillic or Asian text.
  • Added a C# Options configuration category used to disable spell checking of various C# source code elements.
  • Merged changes from David Ruhmann to ignore Doxygen tags (escaped words) and enhance the word breaking code.
  • Updated the package icon and images with new ones supplied by David Ruhmann.

Version 2014.2.23.0

Changes in this release:
  • Fixed escape sequence checking to ignore \x, \u, and \U if not followed by valid hex digits.
  • Added code to check for correct spellings when a word is followed by a period as some dictionaries do include them on words such as "etc.".
  • Added handling of the "text" content type as a general catch-all for unknown derived content types implemented by third-party VSPackages.
  • Added the "htmlx" content type to the HTML tagger so that files such as .cshtml files in Visual Studio 2013 Razor projects are spell checked correctly.
  • Added the option to import and export the user dictionary from the configuration dialog.
  • Added support for Latin and Cyrillic dictionaries such as sr-Latn and sr-Cyrl.
  • Dictionary filenames can now use language IDs with dashes or underscores separating the parts.


Version was released on September 2nd, 2013. Changes in this release:
  • Fixed a bug in the Replace All code to properly maintain first letter casing in each replaced word instance.
  • Updated the installer to allow installation in Visual Studio 2013.


Version was released on June 8th, 2013. This was the initial release.

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