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Default Language

This option defines the default language to use for spell checking. The package comes with an English (en-US) dictionary. Custom dictionaries can also be added and will be selectable here once installed.

User Dictionary

This option lets you see the content of the current user dictionary and remove unwanted items. User dictionaries are language-specific and are associated with the currently selected default language. As such, the content of the list box will be updated when a different language is chosen. To remove an entry, select it in the list and click the Remove button. The user dictionary files are stored in the local application data folder along with the custom dictionaries. They are named after the associated language with an "_User" suffix and a .dic extension (i.e. en-US_User.dic).

The Import button can be used to import a custom dictionary file. The Export button can be used to export the custom dictionary to a file for sharing.

Ignored Character Class

This option provides a simplistic way of ignoring non-English words containing specific classes of characters. It works best when spell checking English text in files containing Cyrillic or Asian text. The default is Include all words so that all words are included regardless of the characters they contain. It can be set to Ignore words containing non-Latin characters to ignore words containing characters above 0xFF or it can be set to Ignore words containing non-ASCII characters to ignore words containing characters above 0x7F.

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