Welcome to the Visual Studio Spell Checker Project

This project is a Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. It is based largely on the spell checker extension originally created by Noah Richards, Roman Golovin, and Michael Lehenbauer. This version has been extended as follows:
  • It uses NHunSpell to perform the spell checking. As such, custom dictionaries can be added to spell check in different languages (OpenOffice versions 2, 3, and 4 dictionaries are supported).
  • Added the ability to spell check the inner text of XML elements as well as certain attribute values.
  • Added support for replacing all occurrences of a misspelling via the smart tag context menu (hold down the Ctrl key when selecting a replacement word).
  • Added an Ignore Once option to the smart tag context menu to ignore a specific instance of a misspelled word.
  • Fixed up various issues to skip text that should not be spell checked and to break up text into words correctly when escape sequences are present in the text.
  • Added an interactive spell checking tool window to find and fix spelling errors in the current file.
  • Some new spell checking options have been added and all of the spell checking options have been exposed and can be configured. Configurable options include:
    • The default language to use for spell checking.
    • Enable or disable spell checking as you type.
    • Ignore words with digits.
    • Ignore words in all uppercase.
    • Ignore .NET and C-style format string specifiers.
    • Ignore words that look like filenames and e-mail addresses.
    • Ignore words that look like XML elements in spell checked text.
    • Treat underscores as separators.
    • Various options for excluding specific elements of C# source code files from being spell checked.
    • Exclude files from spell checking by filename extension.
    • Specify a list of XML elements in which the content should be ignored when spell checking XML files.
    • Specify a list of XML attributes for which the value should be spell checked when spell checking XML files.

Future Enhancements

The following features are planned for future releases:
  • Add support for ignoring mnemonics (ampersands) in spell checked words (work item #34153).
  • A tool window to spell check all files in the current project or solution (work item #34154).
  • Support for solution or project-specific spell checker settings and dictionaries (work item #34155).

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